How to rank on Google First page through SEO services

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There are so many sites on Google and everybody wants to rank on 1st page because every person knows that the user goes with the top results and create his queries with those companies who are on top. This game of ranking is called “search engine optimization”, these are search engine’s unpaid results which are also identify as “organic”, or “natural” results.

SEO is the procedure of increasing your website’s viewership and helps to get top page rank on search engines result page. So you have to keep in mind some key points about SEO strategies-:

  • Choose a SEO friendly domain: Domain names are the man-readable World Wide Web addresses of websites. We have to choose a domain which is SEO friendly like
  1. Length: you should ignore domain’s length more than 15 characters because short domains are easier to identify, update, and recall.
  2. Keyword rich Domain: You should have a domain that contains keywords you are trying to target. Domain name is the text that’s why most of the internet users use as anchor text when linking so you have to use relevant keywords in domain.
  3. Don’t use Hyphens to separate the words in URL: Because it indicates spammy behavior. You should apply only one hyphen. So, it’s generally better that your domain name have only one or two words.
  • Make a SEO Friendly website: Site owners should create their website SEO friendly. This is the most important component which will make you rank better in Google. There are some points for how to make a SEO friendly website:

You have to create a mobile responsive website: Mobile responsive website refers that your website naturally adapts the machine you’re reading it on. If you want your visitors having great experience to your site then you should care about mobile responsive site.

Includes all about your services: Your website should have total knowledge about on those terms:

On what you work

How to work

What is the portfolio of your work

Which type of experts are engaging in doing your work

What is the price of your service

 Website name must be short: Short website names are easy to remember, share and recognize.

Website should contain your business keywords:  Keywords are very essential because they drive targeted web traffic to your business for free.

Title and content should be matched and user friendly: your site’s content should justify your title. Content should make by keeping in mind about your user like:

What your user is searching for

Your content have absolute information for your user

Your user is satisfied with your content or not

Internal linking of your website: Internal links are the links that redirect from one page to a different page on the same domain.

 Let the clients to navigate a website

Set up informational chain for the website.

Easy to increase link juice (ranking power) around websites.

Header tags H1 to H6 in website: Header Tags refers to the HTML markup used to distinguish the headings and sub-headings of a page. These are as well called to webmasters as heading tags or simply header tags. They run from h1–h6 in a hierarchical form. If you skip anyone in this you can break heading structure which is not SEO friendly. Actually header tags has their own advantages in terms of SEO:

Increase Relevancy for user

Keyword Consistency

Increase user experience

Differentiate content in to sections

Content must be high quality: we always heard that we should make quality content for website. High quality content is what? It is exactly means for your company. High quality content exactly denotes how to explain your brand in the easiest way which is relevant and user friendly. You have to create high quality content which is:


not promotion based



External linking: An external link is a link that goes to a different domain from our domain. External links are the crucial factor of ranking power. It also passes link juice. Search engines use many methods to find out the value of external links. Some of these methods include:

The reliability of the linking domain.

The reputation of the linking page.

The relevancy of the content among the source page and the target page.

The anchor text used in the link.

Contact Information: Contact information is to get in touch with your users. So each and every website should have website information.

Images user friendly: We should use images for our site which is user friendly and justifiable for our site content.

Blogs: – Weblogs or blogs have become on the ‘net. Blog marketing is now an effective way to build your o identity and create brand awareness. We should target lively, high blogs.

Site Map: It is an XML file that lists the URLs for a site. It permits webmasters to consist of extra information about all URLs: when it was previous updated, how frequently it modifies, and how significant it is in relation to other URLs in the site. Due to this, Google crawl the site more wisely. A fresh XML Sitemap helps to get the website noticed (crawled) by search engines quickly.

  • On-page Optimization: activities which effect ranking due to on page optimization are as following:
  1. Website Review and Analysis
  2. In-depth Site Analysis
  3. Content Duplicacy Check
  4. Competition Analysis
  5. Initial Rank Report
  6. Check responsive Website or not
  7. Header Tags Optimization
  8. HTML Code Cleanup & Optimization
  9. Internal link structuring & optimization
  10. Pages H1, H2… tags optimization
  11. Image Alt tag & Hyperlink Optimization
  12. txt Creation/Analysis
  13. HTML Sitemap
  14. XML Sitemap
  15. Google & Bing Webmaster Tools
  16. Google Analytics
  17. Content Optimization by LSI
  18. GEO Site map
  19. Google Publisher
  20. Google Webmaster Setup
  21. Increase website loading time
  22. Check how much use Javascript and CSS
  • Off page Optimization: According to SEO’s experts, off-page link building methods will proof 80% of the effectiveness comparing to any other SEO campaign. It is the most effective process to get rank better on Google by a most magical force which is called “backlinks”. There are following activities by which we can increase our baclinks:
  1. Blog Writing
  2. Article Writing
  3. Press Release Writing
  4. Off Page/ Link Building
  5. High quality Directory Submission
  6. Article Submission
  7. Press Release Submission
  8. Social Bookmarking
  9. Article Social Bookmarking
  10. Press Release Social Bookmarking
  11. Blog creation Robots.txt Creation/Analysis
  12. Blog marketing
  13. Forum posting
  14. Business Listing
  15. Citations
  16. Profile creation
  17. Video promotion
  18. Micro Blogging
  19. Photo promotion
  20. Logo Submission
  • Social Media Optimization:-  Social media optimization refers to promote your product on social media like facebook, twitter, Google+, pinterest, LinkedIn and more… Everyone knows that if social media would be a country then it would be most populated country after India and China. According to a survey 79 billion monthly active users engage with facebook, 317 million monthly active users on twitter, LinkedIn has 467 million members, Google+ has 117 million members. Some SMO’s activities which will boost up your ranks towards 1st page of Google and these are:
  1. Google Plus Business Page Setup
  2. Author Markup Verification with Google +
  3. Facebook & Twitter Account Setup
  4. Profile Content Writing
  5. Facebook Wall Updates
  6. Twitter Updates
  7. Google + Updates
  8. Custom Twitter Background
  9. Facebook Timeline Design
  10. Youtube Setup
  11. Company Linkedin page Setup

  These are following strategies (mention above) by which you can raise your rank on Google. You just remember that SEO services is all about user and if your user is happy with your site then it would naturally helps to generate queries online by which you can boost up your business by 90%.


How to recover from Penguin with “real time 4.0”?

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Google recently launch an update which is called “real time penguin update” on September 23, 2016. As everyone knows that penguin update is all about good links and bad links. Now after 3.0 update Google launch a major update called 4.0 or real time update. Now search engine is all set to tell their viewers how to recover from penguin hit and how much time it will take?

This 4.0 is all about how to recover from penguin fallout. Let’s come with us.

This has been strange in many traditions. It’s possibly best.  The latest one is not simply an update just like previous ones. It replaces them and works very differently. Because of its differentiation, the rollout was busted up into couple of segments. Some major aspects we are going to discuss about this new update:

  • Last ones also focused on demotions but this time according to Gary lllyes 95%+ of earlier Penguin demotions have been eliminated at this position.
  • Earlier sites erase or disavow a limited number of bad links, the new one would devalue only bad links not whole site.
  • You have to require bad links for good links.
  • This time you don’t require deleting bad links but you have to need create some quality signals or reliable links.
  • If you saw in past, you realize that sites which are hit by penguin takes too much time for recovery but at this point you shouldn’t have to wait months or years to notice the positive impact of latest links. 

For SEO service providers, at last I just want to say that you have to keep in mind all the points which are mentioned above for penguin recovery because if you haven’t recover from penguin, may be you will face bigger problems in future.

How to promote your company by using Social Media Optimization Services

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In today’s generation each and every businessman wants that their business should be on the top of search ranks on internet marketing. Everyone wants their online reputation should be strong. That’s why all desires to go with online promotion or promotion by social media.

This is most tough question which is in everybody’s mind that how to promote your company by using social media optimization services. According to all facts and figures, if social media like facebook, twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn etc. would be a country; it was the most populated country. So this is very delicate issue that how to get all targeted social media’s traffic attention to your company.

So I am going to share some points by which you can directly target your audience on social media. Here are the following traditions by which you can easily endorse your business by social media marketing:-

  • Proof your user that you are a human being. Make sure that your comments and tweets should be like they are from real person not just like computer produced info.
  • Focus on those people whom you want to target for your market on social media. You have to clear your mind which type of group would be interested on you or which type of not. If you decide this before you begin interacting online, it would definitely save your time in the long run and facilitate build your brand as well.
  • According to the fact a good speaker should be a good listener, you have to follow this on social media i.e. Interact-Listen and answer to what your fans and followers are saying. Be confident to respond to questions and comments. This is a great way by which you can easily to let people know that they are really important to you. As well as, it will help to cope up with any negative conditions.
  • Have to post good content. Provide your user something new and interesting to look at, read, listen to etc.  Judge by using polls to search out what your followers are thinking about or are looking for.
  • You should understand the differences in platforms. Like. Twitter is best for basic customer inquiries, saying thanks, product updates and basic informal dialogue. Facebook is just like a group of people and is great for announcements. For many businesses, Twitter allows for more conversation than Facebook, which is why you see so many businesses, television programs and celebrities using it.
  • Share on the right platform at the right time. For the majority engagement, the content you’re sharing have to reach as many public as possible, so you have to follow where the crowd is–and when they are online and active. Don’t be afraid to post multiple times.

So, be social and build your business online. Whether you do all the interaction yourself or have a team do the social media for you, you will be amazed at how amazingly you can make a big difference between your previous position and your current position.