Google’s ‘Project Owl’ — a three-pronged attack on fake news & problematic content

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Google hopes to improve by better surfacing authoritative content and enlisting feedback about suggested searches and Featured Snippets answers.

Google knows it has a search quality problem. It’s been plagued since November with concerns about fake news, disturbing answers and offensive search suggestions appearing at the top of its results. “Project Owl” is an effort by the company to address these issues, with three specific actions being announced today.

In particular, Google is launching:

  • a new feedback form for search suggestions, plus formal policies about why suggestions might be removed.
  • a new feedback form for “Featured Snippets” answers.
  • a new emphasis on authoritative content to improve search quality.

We’ll get into the particulars of each of those items below. First, some background on the issue they aim to fix.

Project Owl & problematic content

google-owl1-ss-1920Project Owl is Google’s internal name for its endeavor to fight back on problematic searches. The owl name was picked for no specific reason, Google said. However, the idea of an owl as a symbol for wisdom is appropriate. Google’s effort seeks to bring some wisdom back into areas where it is sorely needed.

“Problematic searches” is a term I’ve been giving to a situations where Google is coping with the consequences of the “post-truth” world. People are increasingly producing content that reaffirms a particular world view or opinion regardless of actual facts. In addition, people are searching in enough volume for rumors, urban myths, slurs or derogatory topics that they’re influencing the search suggestions that Google offers in offensive and possibly dangerous ways.

These are problematic searches, because they don’t fall in the clear-cut areas where Google has typically taken action. Google has long dealt with search spam, where people try to manipulate its results outside acceptable practices for monetary gain. It has had to deal with piracy. It’s had to deal with poor-quality content showing up for popular searches.

Problematic searches aren’t any of those issues. Instead, they involve fake news, where people completely make things up. They involve heavily-biased content. They involve rumors, conspiracies and myths. They can include shocking or offensive information. They pose an entirely new quality problem for Google, hence my dubbing them “problematic searches.”
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How to Improve Your Rankings with Mobile-First Indexing

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Google has started rolling out the Mobile first indexing update. With Mobile Indexing method, Google test ranking of website on basis of the update. It crawls mobile friendly website first and it does not find any then it crawls desktop version websites. Now, Google will give points only to that website who are mobile friendly or responsive and must having mobile version features.

Get to know here that which things you need to know to optimize your website to improve Ranking with Mobile-First Indexing:

Responsive design: Make your website friendly or mobile version to process well in Mobile devices. To check whether your web design properly functioning or not on mobiles then run through it on Google Mobile-Friendly tool.

Short images: Make sure that you upload short sizes images on the website that user will be able to watch it clearly.

Short video: Make sure the videos on site must be short and not too lengthy because long video can take too much time to load website time on mobile. keep your video short for the relevant results.

CSS, JavaScript and Images: In the past, mobile sites didn’t used to allow these elements but now smart phones of this modern era are able to handle to load large size images and video. New technology mobile phones are able to coded images and video in CSS and JavaScript.

On-Page SEO: Mobile phone does not display full Meta title or description, so keep in mind that your Meta title and description must be to the point and must be short too.

Content: If we are talking about the mobile version content then it should be not lengthy as long content is not clearly visible according to desktop version website. So your content should be to the point and user-friendly to well rank well.

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Top 5 benefits of seo for your business or website

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  • Increased Traffic: With the help of SEO strategy pages who got top positions in the Google search results receives numbers of impressions and clicks on their website or got majority of users on their web pages who are continuously looking for your any products or services.. Hence, SEO is the most effective strategy which brings more and new customers; it will help to bring targeted traffic to your website.
  • Better ROI: One of the enormous benefits of SEO as compared to all other sources of digital marketing tool is that it releases the highest Return on Investment (ROI) for your business.
    Customers are loyal which visits through seo ranking on your website rather than paid ads, they are actually searching for your product or service. A click from Google SERP is much more valuable over a click from paid ad.
  • Cost effective: Search engine optimisation is one of the most cost effective advertising tool among all such as PPC advertising, social media marketing, or purchasing leads for an email marketing. It brings organic visits; organic listings are essentially free of cost.
  • Build brand awareness: SEO builds brand awareness of those websites who ranked on the top of the Google search results because When your sites appear on the top of the first page of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, your visitors are more likely to trust your brand when they search for a particular keyword rather than other brands that don’t have a strong web existence.
  • 24*7 existence of business: A SEO friendly site will rank all day, every day and throughout the year. It maintains 24*7 hours online presence of your business.
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Latest Off-page Techniques which help to Boost Ranking in 2017

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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a process which helps to increase your business popularity among people through its very own techniques. There are two type of SEO techniques named as On-page SEO which includes website elements such as keyword, Meta tags, Meta title, Meta description and HTML structure, and second is Off-page SEO which is most important to get more traffic on your website for boosting better search engine ranking.

Both On-page SEO and off-page SEO are as equally important for the huge traffic of users on your website. Find out here some ways to make this happen:

Social media sharing: you might do all off-page activityoff-page-seo-1
but do users read that post? No matter how unique you posted a blog but do user eyes catch that post? After posting any kind of blog, article, PR(Press Release), and ppt  etc., share these activities on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google + to gain huge traffic and visibility to get top ranking on search engine.

Social Bookmarking (SBM): Social Bookmarking refers to bookmark your link on social bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon, dig, Reddit, delicious and These sites are highly ranked by search engines. Booking your links on social bookmarking sites drives traffic which redirects people on your website. Make unique title and description with smart hard work and get user on your website easily.   

Forums and Qes&Ans sites: Forums are becoming popular nowadays as it contains genuine people to que and ans on forums. You can do question and answering on Q&A forums like Quora and Yahoo answers to do discussion regarding your topic and some specific purpose. If you put strong opinion then people will find you as regular expert and will not be hesitate to click on your website or some specific link.

Content Submission: content at any form are most important thing to provide a correct information to people about your service , business, product and any other specific thing. You can provide information about your service in the different form with unique content creation. It include Blog, article, video, PPT and images to generate more awareness , visibility and traffic on the website.

Local listings: Do local listing which is the great way to enhance your popularity in the market and to the people who really need the service which you are offering. List your business or website in local directories such as yellow pages and just Dial to make your business appearance to the people who are searching the service.

Make unique, user friendly and SEO friendly Article, Blogs, Docs, and PPT to grab attention of users on your website which will help you to boost ranking in short period of time. For best results find out SEO service provider company who meet your all requirement. 

Attract More Visitors to Your Business Site with our Advanced SEO Tools

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Today we are adding a new feature to our Business Plan that will make it easier for visitors to discover your site. Our new Advanced SEO tools will help you optimize your site for search engines and social media sharing. Let’s explore! Custom Meta Descriptions Typically, search engines will pull text from the post content to create a […]

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Top 3 SEO trends that will dominate 2017

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Every year major changes take place that fluctuate the whole SEO industry. Many things have been changed in the past years and may going to pursue in this year.

2017 trends concept on napkin
SEO 2017 trends

One of the best ways to dominate the SEO trends is to be aware & updated with the changing search engines and algorithms and to adjust your SEO techniques according to it.

We are in 2017 now- it is the right time for examine, planning, budgeting, and to print a new strategy that will definitely dominate 2017. It’s the most crucial beginning time of the year. It’s time to talk SEO trends for 2017.

What are the top 5 SEO trends?

  1. Optimizing for Mobile search

Now days, everyone has mobile device or tablet and according to survey 98% of the mobile users have smart phones and check out at multiple times for emails, chats, alarms, reminders, etc. Still many web pages aren’t designed for different screen sizes and load times.

 A few months ago, Google announced, “To improve the mobile search experience, after January 10, 2017, pages where content is not easily available to a user, the mobile search results may not rank as highly.”

  • Mobiles searches use short trail keywords.
  • It is mainly local searches.
  • Design no long pages for mobile searchers

Mobile search optimization is a continuous process till 2106 and may be peruse in 2017, so optimize your website mobile friendly and optimize your mobile user behaviour.

  1. Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

Since Google first introduced the AMP project by Google and twitter at the end of 2015, the importance of speed, particularly on mobile devices and tablet has grown.

googleampAMP is designed to make mobile pages fastly. It is simply a HTML page designed to boost the web load time. According to Google, using AMP can improve loading speeds by 15 to 85%. AMP affects user experience a lot, before AMP project mobile users got bad experience while using search engine on their mobile devices but now, they got search results less than a second. Hence, AMP is the most important reason which affects the SEO trends 2017.

  1. More featured or rich snippets

A ‘featured or rich snippet’ is also known as the ‘rich information’ which Google presents in the SERP Search results. These search result are generated by the schema markup or structured data markup. Schema markups make it easier for search engines to understand the content on your website.

rich-snippetsRich snippets will help you to get more organic visibility and increase your organic CTR and lesser your website bounce rate.


View Source: SEO Trends 2017



A beginner’s guide to rich snippets- SEO Bazaar India

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What are rich snippets?

Rich Snippets is the phrase used to describe structured data markup that website operators can add to their existing HTML, which allow search engines to better understand what information is contained on each web page. It is the additional piece of information which upgrade your search listing, making it more engaging for users to click and easier for search engines to extract information.


Benefits of rich snippets:

  • Grab user’s attention to your search result
  • Providing instant information as related to their query
  • Increase click through rates (CTR) and less the bounce rate

What Content Types Are Supported?

There are three different markup specifications currently recognised by the major search engines:

  • Microdata
  • Microformats
  • RDFa

Rich Snippets, or structured data markup, can be used on the following content types:

  • Authors: author photo, name and link to more articles
  • Restaurants: average review, the number of stars, and price range
  • People (well known): phone number and photos
  • Products: ratings, picture and price range
  • Business & organisation: location and customer review
  • Recipes: photo, recipe rating, and time required
  • Events: event date, location and time
  • Music: lyrics and a link to play the song
  • Video content: video image


Conclusion:  Rich snippets will help you to get more organic visibility  and increase your organic CTR and lesser your website bounce rate.