How to recover from Penguin with “real time 4.0”?

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Google recently launch an update which is called “real time penguin update” on September 23, 2016. As everyone knows that penguin update is all about good links and bad links. Now after 3.0 update Google launch a major update called 4.0 or real time update. Now search engine is all set to tell their viewers how to recover from penguin hit and how much time it will take?

This 4.0 is all about how to recover from penguin fallout. Let’s come with us.

This has been strange in many traditions. It’s possibly best.  The latest one is not simply an update just like previous ones. It replaces them and works very differently. Because of its differentiation, the rollout was busted up into couple of segments. Some major aspects we are going to discuss about this new update:

  • Last ones also focused on demotions but this time according to Gary lllyes 95%+ of earlier Penguin demotions have been eliminated at this position.
  • Earlier sites erase or disavow a limited number of bad links, the new one would devalue only bad links not whole site.
  • You have to require bad links for good links.
  • This time you don’t require deleting bad links but you have to need create some quality signals or reliable links.
  • If you saw in past, you realize that sites which are hit by penguin takes too much time for recovery but at this point you shouldn’t have to wait months or years to notice the positive impact of latest links. 

For SEO service providers, at last I just want to say that you have to keep in mind all the points which are mentioned above for penguin recovery because if you haven’t recover from penguin, may be you will face bigger problems in future.


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